Baby Ezra: a home birth story

Documenting a home birth

It was an honor and privilege to support a fellow birth worker as she had a home birth. I was there as doula and birth photographer, documenting things as she gave birth to her third baby. The baby boy was born at home during the evening hours in Lehi. It was to be the first birth that I have documented and supported in 10 months. So when a fellow doula asked me to help be an assistant doula and photographer at this birth, I jumped at the chance!

This was a beautiful home birth that went fast. From the text to get there to the time baby boy was born, only 2 hours had passed. This fellow doula was a rockstar who handled everything with grace and beauty. Her family (two big brothers and husband) and a wonderful, supportive birth team surrounded this brave, strong mother. This home birth was under the direction of Certified Professional Midwife, Heather Shelley of Birthing Your Way Birth Center in Lehi, Utah. Jocelyn was the assistant midwife, Katie Förster of Freya Birth was the doula.

Supporting a fellow doula

I got to work side by side another amazing doula and play the part of doula as well, in between getting pictures and film. Intuitively, I knew how to help comforting, holding her hand as strong contractions hit. I was so glad to be there.

It was beautiful, as all births are, but it seemed more special to me as my own baby boy was moving and kicking around as I applied counter pressure and stroked mom’s face with a cold wash cloth.

I couldn’t help but imagine my little guy cheering on her little guy as he made his way into his mom’s arms.

Big brothers were amazing cheerleaders as they shouted their baby brother’s name and were fascinated by him, the cord and the placenta. I love these little learning moments, especially for boys. It will help them be amazing birthing partners and coaches to their future wives.

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