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Lover of food

These are just a few words – but it’s hard to get a complete picture of who I am. First and foremost, I have a deep faith in God and in a Savior. I love my family deeply and they come above most anything else in my life. I have been blessed with amazing friends who are essentially family too. Since we live far from family, I have carefully curated my village and I’m deeply grateful for them.

I’ve experienced secondary infertility, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, advanced maternal age, and a traumatic birth and recovery.

My births have all been at the hospital but not all were medicated or induced. My first two I was induced and medicated with an epidural. My third birth was spontaneous labor without medication, but ended in abdominal surgery, but that story is for another day. My last birth was elective induction with the lowest settings and unmedicated pain relief, and it was my most empowering birth by far.

Maybe we have things in common, maybe we don’t have lot, but I hope one thing draws us together: BIRTH and MATERNAL HEALTH and being informed in all areas of life.

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