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Board gamer




Lover of food

These are just a few words – but it’s hard to get a complete picture of who I am. First and foremost, I have a deep-seated faith in God and in a Savior.

Secondly, my family is the second most important thing to me after God. I try so hard to put them above all other things, and let them know I love them deeply. Three children is a walk in the park – JURASSIC PARK! Haha – I love that meme. I have learned to give my blood, sweat and tears for my children and husband, but I’ve learned the importance of setting boundaries with them too. #balance (is that every achievable?)

Thirdly, books are among my greatest friends. I’m blessed to have amazing friends that I can hang out with in real life, but during quarantine in this pandemic, books have been there for me too! If you ever need a book suggestion, be ready for a plethora of ideas!

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house, followed by the bathroom where I love soaking in an epsom-salt bath watching my latest Hulu binge or reading my current book.

Maybe we have things in common, maybe we don’t have lot, but I hope one thing draws us together: BIRTH and MATERNAL HEALTH and being informed in all areas of life.

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