Birth Stories: Photo and Video Information

Nikki tenderly touches her newly born son's head as he's placed on her chest at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City

Birth photography is unlike any type of photography you’ve seen. It’s raw, it’s emotive, it’s powerful.

Birth: the emergence of a baby or other young from the body of its mother; the start of life as a physically separate being.

Emergence, start, separate being. Those words can also mean mothers. As a mother, you emerge from the event an entirely new being. Your child is a separated from you in that you are not one and the same body. Your new lives start together working in harmony, learning as you go. 

It’s beautiful, it’s agonizingly hard. It’s glorious.

When you hire birth photographer Sarah Roberts, you get more than just pictures and film. You get another team member on your birth team. You get a friend. You get support. You get love. And you’ll get tangible memories to last a lifetime.

Introducing all-inclusive birth photo and
film packages starting at $1,000

Payment plans and gift registries available upon request.

Here’s what you get with a basic birth photography package:
 Consultation, so we can get to know each other before your birth.
 24/7 on call from 38 weeks, day or night – I’ll be there!
• Unlimited time at your birth, from active labor until you deliver.
 A slideshow and/or digital images, so you will remember every detail.

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  • Video – $1,000
  • Video+photos – $1,200
  • Birth photos plus maternity AND fresh 48 – $1,200
  • Birth Photos (20 images)  plus a maternity or fresh 48 session (10 images) – $800 (upgrade to whole birth gallery for $250 or $500 all)
  • Mini sessions: maternity, Fresh 48, Lifestyle newborn, coming home, family (max 10 images) – $250

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