Trust in your strength

Utah birth photographer Sarah Roberts documents strong women giving birth. Will you trust her to document yours?

Finding a birth photographer that’s right for you just got easier.

Searching for the right Utah birth photographer or doula for you isn’t easy. Knowing that the choices you make are the right ones for you, including adding me to your birth team, will make this the best birth experience ever!

Hey there! I’m
Sarah Roberts,
birth photographer and videographer,
and now serving
Salt Lake and Utah Counties
as birth doula.

Why should it matter who you hire for birth photography?

You’re about to embark on the amazing journey we call “motherhood.” Whether this is your first or fifth, it’s a new journey each time. As you feel trusted and supported in your choices, you will be set to be the amazing mom that you were born to be. Your birth team is a huge part of your success as they support you. Doula, birth photographer, midwife or doctor, we all play a part as a team to help you achieve your birth goals.

As a mom myself, I can relate to the questions and feeling of overwhelm that happens while preparing for birth. Because of that, I decided to enter the birth worker world. As a result of that, I can help you achieve your goals and dreams of a beautiful, peaceful birth with beautiful images or video to look back on.

Firstly, I’m a certified birth photographer through Birth Becomes You.

Secondly, I’m proud to say that I’m working on doula certification through CAPPA.

Thirdly, my love of and understanding of birth and sacred family relationships because of my faith in God will allow me to do the absolute best job I can.

And that’s the best I can offer.

I can’t wait to join your birth team as either birth photographer or doula!

I offer birth photography and videography in addition to doula services. Check out each page to see the different packages and price points.

How can I help you achieve your birth goals?

Mom and Dad gaze adoringly at their brand new baby boy. They're so glad they hired a birth photographer to capture this special moment.


Here’s all your info you need to know to hire birth photographer Sarah to capture your beautiful birth whether on film or by photos.

Doula wiping face with cold wash cloth

Doula Services

Interested in having additional emotional and physical support during your pregnancy and birth? Here’s the information you need to know.

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