Your beauty and love deserve to be
captured forever.

Motherhood can be messy and chaotic, but it is also made up of a million beautiful small and big moments that absolutely need to be documented.
Birth is one of them.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel tired, overwhelmed and powerless.

Your excitement for the new life growing in you is short lived.

You’re overworked. You’re stressed. You have a million things on your to-do list.

How are you supposed to find joy in all of this, much less the beauty?

It starts here – celebrating not only the birth of your baby, but also celebrating 
your birth as a mother.

As a certified Utah birth photographer and trained doula,
I’m here to help you celebrate that and to help you preserve those fleeting memories.

Hi! I’m Sarah – mother of four darling children, wife to a wonderful husband and father, doulatog, lover of learning, and gatherer of friends.

I didn’t know it yet, but I started my birth worker journey when I became pregnant for the first time, in 2010. As soon as I entered that world, I had changed. I was part of something bigger.

Through each of my subsequent pregnancies, births, miscarriage and fertility challenges, little by little, I found the importance of knowledge, self-advocating, and active participation during childbirth. Along the way, I realized I was not alone and that others felt the same.

I photographed my first birth – the birth of my nephew – in 2017 and then decided to support women more through doula support. I trained with CAPPA doula trainer Jade Holmes of DoulaED in 2020.

I’ve photographed and supported over 30 women and families, and I can’t wait to photograph and support yours!

Lydia and David’s story:
From the initial consultation, my husband and I immediately felt good about having her be our doula for the birth of our first child. I loved her positive energy, respect of personal wishes, and sincerity. Sarah even gave us the names of a few other doulas to check out to make sure we found the right one for us. But this Utah birth photographer and doula was the only one we wanted.

During labor, she helped out so much, even cleaning up after me as I threw up all over the toilet. She added to the calming environment we were trying to have. Sarah helped my husband know how to help, which I was so grateful for. I felt she cared about us and wanted to do everything she could for us. Not only that, but she took pictures during the quiet moments when she wasn’t needed. They are beautiful and worth every penny!

Sarah made sure my birth was empowering, even when my birth plan changed. She comforted me and brought a peaceful, non-judgmental environment that I needed.

I plan on using her again if I have another baby. Sarah is an amazing person; I was lucky to have her on my team!

“[Sarah] supported my birth plan, answered all my questions and gave me beautiful photos of my birth experience.”

— Katie N.

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