10 Reasons To Invest In A Doula

Truth time: 8 months ago, I hired a doula for the first time, for my fourth birth.

Gasp. I know. I wish I could go back in time and tell my naive, independent, cheap-o self that having a doula would be the best investment I could make with any of my births.

The advice I would have given myself

I would tell myself that with a doula I maybe would have avoided being induced at 38 weeks, despite being dilated at 7 cm and 90% effaced, thus needing an epidural.

I would tell myself for my second birth, that a doula would help me be more patient, more willing to wait than agree quickly to another induction which lead to more interventions. I’m just grateful neither of them ended up in c-sections.

I would tell myself for my third birth, that a doula would be great to help me navigate the waters of an unmedicated birth for the very first time. A doula would help me and my husband do different things for comfort measures and would be one more cheerleader in the room when I needed it.

Everyone needs a doula. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, single or married, young or old, epidural or none, c-section or vaginal — you need a doula.

A doula gives hip squeezes as a mom labors at home.

Seven+ reasons you need a doula

  1. You need a doula to squeeze your hand when there’s nothing to say.
  2. You need a doula to guide your husband in providing counter pressure and to encourage him to keep up his energy by eating and drinking.
  3. You need a doula to explain all the med-speak in the delivery room when you have no idea what they’re saying.
  4. You need a doula at home to be there when the midwife is busy preparing for delivery.
  5. You need a doula at the birth center to be a calming presence and help you get in “the zone.”
  6. You need a doula to help you advocate for the birth that you want.
  7. You need a doula to validate your decisions and empower you.
  8. You need a doula to whisper, “you can do it” and validate all your feelings.
  9. You need a doula wiping your brow with a cold rag.
  10. You need a doula cheering for you when you give the final push and your baby is born.

Now, more than ever, expecting women are fighting to have their doulas by their side as they prepare to give birth. Whether it’s to help you decide the best place to give birth or to support your decision, whatever it is, she will be there for y

A doula will help you realize the power has been in you all along and she is there to help you find it.

Guess what?? It’s never too late. Whether you’re at 8 weeks gestation or 38 weeks, go out there and find a doula! Find one who aligns with your beliefs about birth. Find one who stands up for you, but more importantly, will help you stand up for yourself. Find one who will allow you to make informed choices. Find one who will support your partner to be your biggest support.

For statistics about the value of a doula in the birthing space, check out Evidence Based Birth, Evidence on: Doulas.

If you feel that I would be a good fit for your birth team as your doula, shoot me a message and we’ll meet up! I’d love to be a part of this next amazing part of your life!

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