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Eagle Mountain Run Club

Children of all ages are invited to join Eagle Mountain Run Club, where they can meet with other children who enjoy moving their bodies, setting goals and achieving them, and nurturing a sense of community. Inspired by Highland Run Club founded by Jen Lambert (Run Club Realtor), Eagle Mountain Run Club’s goals are to help motivate children and families to value physical activity, mental health and wellness, and family bonding time. 

When does it happen? 

• June – August
• We meet every Monday – Friday from 8-8:30 am

Where do we meet?

• We will meet at Nolen park by the playground for check-ins. Water will not be provided, but otter pops will be available while the kids run/walk.

How does it work?

• After checking in, the runners will begin their run (or walk) around Nolen park in a clockwise direction. They will follow the sidewalk around the park until they reach the northeast side where the pathway cuts away from the sidewalk through the park. Each lap is considered 1/2 a mile. Every 10 miles is considered a “milestone” and comes with a prize. The more a child/youth runs, the better the prizes get.
• Every Friday is “Fun Friday” and every runner gets a donut if they run 2 laps.

Does this cost money?

• No – it’s free!
• We do ask for donations to help with milestone prizes, otter pops, donuts or donut sign-ups and parents help each morning to punch runner cards.
• Sarah’s venmo is @SarRob38 and label the donation with what you want to put it towards.
• We will have an end of season celebration and possible additional prizes based on achievements made over the course of the summer.
• Thank you for your support in making this a magical summer where kids will feel a belonging and satisfaction as they reach their goals!

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